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The University of Calgary offers a number of graduate courses in cryptography and information security. These courses prepare students for an advanced career in the computer security sector, and also serve as the basis for further research and exploration in these fields.

    PMAT 669   Cryptography (same as CPSC 669)
    PMAT 627   Computational Number Theory
    PMAT 629   Elliptic Curves and Cryptography (same as CPSC 601.09)
    PMAT 603.45   Advanced Cryptography and Cryptanalysis (graduate component of PMAT 529)
    PMAT 727   Advanced Topics in Computational Number Theory (on demand only)
    PMAT 729   Advanced Topics in Cryptography (on demand only)

Computer Science 

    CPSC 669   Cryptography (same as PMAT 669)
    CPSC 627   Computer Viruses and Malware
    CPSC 628   Spam and Spyware
    CPSC 601.09   Elliptic Curves and Cryptography (same as PMAT 629)

Electrical and Computer Engineering 

    ENEL 619.87   Selected Topics in Cryptography and Number Theory with Applications

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